Spirachel Productions founder & CEO

Berlin is for Lovers screenwriter & producer



The only thing I love more than laughing is making others laugh. 

So it could seem that spending the formative years of my career working in crisis communications for pharmaceutical companies was perhaps the wrong path for me, but luckily, to quote romantic comedies' patron saint Nora Ephron, "Everything is copy." 

From Austin to New York, a stint in Berlin, and now Los Angeles, I've had some great adventures. 

Berlin is for Lovers is the first installment in the Love Travels Trilogy, inspired by the story of how I met my husband. [For a visual of how it all came to be, watch here - password: spirachel] 

We started Spirachel Productions (pronounced spiritual) in 2015. The mission of the company is Everybody Wins - collaborators, advocates, and most importantly, fans of romantic comedies.